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Soft Peeling
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Soft Peeling

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This vitalizing exfoliation gel removes dull, flaky skin cells, enhances blood circulation and improves the effect of following skin care products. The application refines the skin profile while revealing a fresh, smooth and even complexion. Soothing plant extracts, such as Aloe Vera and Centella Asiatica prevent irritation and promote a comfortable silkiness.

PRODUCT - naturally green coloured, soft exfoliating gel, with round PE abrasive particles. 50ml flat tube retail size, 250ml tube salon size

ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS - PE balls as abrasive particles, Aloe Vera, anti-irritation complex with liquorice root extract, D-panthenol, urea and allantoin

SKIN TYPE - suitable for all skin types, except on inflamed acne or teleangictasia (dilated blood vessles) areas

EFFECT AND PROPERTIES - vitalizing peeling on gel basis - easy to apply - removes calloused skin with light massage - inhibits inflammation - slightly soluble in water and economical to use

APPLICATION - use after preparatory cleansing or before applying an ampoule, mask or other active ingredient - can be used on affected areas - apply with gentle circular motion to area to be treated - pressure and duration of application depends on type of skin - remove thoroughly with lukewarm water or compresses

NOTE - ideal for partial body treatment, e.g. neck, rough forearms, elbows, etc. - also highly suitable for deep cleansing with rotary brush